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Alem Group Kazakhstan

Limited Liability Partnership



Outsourcing is searching for resources in the external environment of an organization. Organizational decisions to transfer on a contractual basis, which have appropriate technical and / or managerial knowledge and facilities in any field.


Recruitment of new employees is an important part of the work of any company. To perform it quickly and effectively it is important to have good understanding of the labor market trends and to know the technologies for finding suitable applicants.

Civil construction

Civil construction is the field of engineering dedicated to construction of large buildings and systems. Civil construction provides everything necessary for both domestic and industrial needs of transport.


Designing in construction is a complex development of the necessary design, technical and regulatory documentation including calculations, diagrams and descriptions.


Our objective is to help people finding the best job for the best life.

«Alem Group Kazakhstan» LLP is the leading supplier in the matters of human resources. Our services and solutions have a wide range of categories – starting from personnel selection to services outsourcing and outstaffing, starting from temporary provision of human resources to permanent employment. We keep a constant dialogue with clients and employees, as well as with public, governmental and business partners creating more opportunities for applicants across the country.

Наши клиенты

  • Providing Client with the personnel who have necessary experience, knowledge and skills to render services to support Client;
  • full administration of all issues related to employment of above mentioned staff (HR administration, payroll processing for the local staff and the other services for administration of issues related to the employment of personnel);
  • services for the filing of documents and the fulfilment of procedures/compliance with the established law, necessary for obtaining work permits to attract foreign manpower in the Republic of Kazakhstan, visa support for foreign personnel.



Saipem Kazakhstan Branch is cooperating with “Alem Group Kazakhstan” LLP on work permit obtaining services.

“Alem Group Kazakhstan” LLP has proved itself as a professional and highly qualified company and fully met our wishes and the requirements of the authorized state bodies.

We recommend “Alem Group Kazakhstan” LLP to other companies as a good partner, which provides qualitative services.  

Denholm Zholdas

Наше сотрудничество с компанией ТОО «Alem Group Kazakhstan» и ТОО «Денхолм Жолдас» продолжается с 13 июня 2011 г. На протяжении этого срока компания  ТОО «Alem Group Kazakhstan» зарекомендовала себя как устойчивое предприятие и надежный деловой партнер. Благодаря основному принципу работы компании – формированию партнерских отношений с клиентами, основанных на взаимном сотрудничестве и профессионализме, она занимает, на наш взгляд, стабильное положение в сфере услуг по содействию в подготовке документов для получения  рабочих разрешений на привлечение иностранной рабочей силы.


Компания ТОО «Болашак Атырау»” выражает компании ТОО «Alem Group Kazakhstan» благодарность и почтение за плодотворное сотрудничество.

За это время компания «Alem Group Kazakhstan» зарекомендовала себя как надежного и профессионального партнера, оказывающего субподрядные услуги.

Одним из главных достоинств компании «Alem Group Kazakhstan» являются качество и своевременность работы, что располагает к долгосрочному сотрудничеству.

Надеемся, что наше сотрудничество будет плодотворно продолжено и в дальнейшем. 



Uralsk А.Moldagulova str, 4/1

Atyrau “Premier-Atyrau” Business-Centre, 48 Azattyk avenue, office 201.

+7 (7112) 31-55-00
+7 (7112) 31-55-55